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                  Fujian Province Kingpally melamine wares Co., Ltd.

                  Fujian Province Kingpally melamine wares Co., Ltd. established in 1992, which is an export-oriented industry and trade integration tableware enterprises, mainly produces melamine tableware. Enterprises covering 30,000 SM, production area of 20,000 SM, skilled staff of 258 people, the annual production capacity over 3500 tons.
                  Since 1992, The company has been adhering to the "integrity • Quality • Innovation" provides a lot of style to conduct thousands of models, with superb levels of development and design, advanced machinery and equipment for the foundation, choose quality raw materials for consumers around the world vary , fine workmanship, good quality melamine tableware.
                  Our products are covering variety -Chinese, Japanese, Western and others style, include plates, bowls, cups, spoons, trays, children's sets, dinner sets. Products has approved by the ISO9001 certification, BSCI certification, QS certification, FDA testing, strict product quality control. Their health and safety, non-toxic and tasteless, hard and durable and so has won wide acclaim overseas consumers.
                  Scientific and efficient management, technical excellence cast our brand image. Owns "KINGPALLY®", "MEI CI ®" trademark.
                  "KINGPALLY®" trademark for our export brands, mainly for Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries and regions, with 20 years of development, in foreign markets have a good reputation, popular with consumers.
                  "MEI CI ®" trademark registration in 2014, the company has consistently uphold the principle, in accordance with European standards, the company exports more than 20 years of quality and experience put into the domestic market, the domestic households, restaurants, hotels, institutions and enterprises and canteens, university restaurants and other types of consumers with our best quality products and services. "Wonderful" life start from "china"!

                  "Wonderful" life start from "china"!